Audi TT RS

Unleash your Audi TT RS, TT S and TT

For every Audi TT (8J, from model year 2015 aka Type FV) the perfect KW suspension. We developed the KW Variant 3 and KW Clubsport coilovers for the latest Audi TT RS. Our Clubsport suspensions differentiate from conventional suspensions because its basic setup was designed for the use of semi slick tires and features racing springs.


Porsche 911 G-Modell

KW V3 shock absorbers for the legendary Porsche 911

The classic Porsche 911 models have been characterized for decades by a timeless styling coupled with unadulterated sportiness. Everywhere in the world, the “911” is known as a sports car icon and the “G-Series model” enjoys an unimagined popularity. And the demand for an individual suspension kit is accordingly high. From now on, in compression and rebound damping independently adjustable KW Variant 3 shock absorbers are available as a suspension complete set in galvanized steel housings for all Porsche 911 G-series model (from model year 1974) built from 1973 - 1989 also known as “G-body”.



KW Clubsport 3-way for BMW M2

The KW 3 Way Clubsport coilover for the new BMW M2 is a consistent implementation of the successful KW Competition technology which has been forged from international motorsports. In addition to the "Track-Setup" and "Street-Setup", further setups can be hand tailored with the Clubsport dampers which feature independently adjustable rebound damping as well as high-speed and low-speed compression damping. The KW 3 Way Clubsport coilover suspension also allows to adapt the BMW M2 to any track profile as well offering a continuously adjustable lowering of up to 45 mm.


Mazda MX5

KW coilovers for new Mazda MX-5

With our KW coilovers Clubsport 2-way and Variant 3 for the new Mazda MX-5 the roadster now benefits from an even more direct handling and a better grip. The Mazda directly react to every driving maneuver and enable an extremely sporty driving experience. Additionally, the aluminum coilover suspensions made in Germany allow a continuous lowering of 45 mm. 


Honda Civic Type R

KW coilovers for the Honda Civic Type R

With the Honda Civic Type R, the Japanese car manufacturer, returns to the segment of compact sports cars. The KW Variant 3 and KW Clubsport give you the possibility of a continuous lowering of 15 to 35 mm at the drive axle is adjusted directly on the stainless steel strut. At the rear axle, a lowering in the range of 5 to 25 mm can be carried out.


Further KW suspensions

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