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KW Gewindefahrwerk verbaut in einem VW Golf 7

For every demand the perfect suspension for the VW Golf Mk7!

The right chassis for every requirement!

Already in its seventh generation, the VW Golf sets the standard in the compact class. The stainless steel KW coilovers give the latest Golf a significant increase in driving dynamics and safety combined with a descent lowering.

KW Clubsport - the maximum driving dynamics for the road and racetrack!

The KW Clubsport coilovers are characterized by an uncompromising transfer of technology from motorsports to the road.

KW Gewindefahrwerk Clubsport 3-fach für den VW Golf 7

The KW Clubsport coilovers, available in KW Clubsport 2-way (independent rebound and compression adjustment with 16 clicks in rebound and 12 clicks in compression damping) and KW Clubsport 3-way (adjustable in 6 clicks in low-speed and 14 clicks in high-speed compression damping as well as 16 clicks in rebound), differentiate from conventional sport suspensions and coilovers by their high performance dampers. Of course, the KW Clubsport coilovers with their aluminum Unibal top mounts are street legal are the ideal performance suspension for all VW Golf drivers who regularly take part at track days and want to be competitive.

KW DDC – the (suspension)future is now!

For the VW Golf 7 with ACC (adaptive chassis control; also known as DCC - dynamic chassis control) the adaptive KW DDC Plug & Play coilovers are available.

KW Gewindefahrwerk DDC für den VW Golf 7

During installation, the adaptive series suspension is replaced with KW technology and the VW computer electronics immediately recognize the KW DDC Plug & Play coilover kit. All vehicle-specific suspension functions remain and the original control button will also be used.

If the Golf doesn´t feature an adaptive series suspension, the KW DDC ECU coilover kit is the ideal retrofit solution including suspension control unit, cable connections and optional wireless module to adjust the suspension via smartphone.

KW coilovers Variant 1, Variant 2, Variant 3 and KW Street Comfort

KW Gewindefahrwerk Variante 3 für den VW Golf 7

KW Variant 1: With its preconfigured KW damper setup the "Variant 1" offers the optimum balance of sportiness and everyday practicality.

KW Variante 2: In addition to a continuous lowering, with the "Variant 2" the damper setup can also be made more comfortable or more sporty with 16 clicks of adjustable rebound damping.

KW Variant 3: The perfect symbioses of driving dynamics, every day practicality and setting options is offered by the KW Variant 3 coilover. In addition to a continuous lowering, a separate rebound and compression damping adjustment is possible. 16 exact clicks in rebound and 12 exact clicks in compression damping.

KW Street Comfort: If the standard sport suspension should be too rough in everyday life or if your lowering springs with the stock dampers doesn’t work so well after a while, the KW Street Comfort coilover kit is the ideal solution to get more driving comfort. The shorter KW damper housings allow a comfortable residual spring travel. In addition, the rebound damping can be adjusted more comfortable or sporty with 16 clicks.

KW Gewindefahrwerk verbaut in einem VW Golf 7

The continuous lowering of the KW coilover suspension on the Golf 7 is achieved via the composite spring perch directly on the stainless steel strut housings dirt-resistant trapezoidal threads and at the rear axle height adjustment. So on both axles the Golf 7 can be lowered within the tested adjustment range of 35 - 65 mm (Street Comfort 30 - 55 mm).