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KW Competition Gewindefahrwerk

KW Competition racing suspensions

The KW Competition racing coilovers with their 3 damping versions (2A, 2A / 3A EXR and 4A) have stood for outstanding performance and reliability in popular sport and in international top motor sport for years. The spectrum ranges from homologated series equipment for racing vehicles in the FIA GT3 to equipment in various branded cups (BMW M235i Racing, ...) or to individual customization for hill climbs, drifts, long-distance series, rallies, touring car series and many more. GT or touring car championships - championships and races are won with KW Competition racing suspensions. Countless class victories and seven overall victories in the world's toughest endurance race, the ADAC Total 24h-Race Nürburgring on the Nordschleife, are impressive proof of the performance, quality and reliability of our racing program.

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KW Competition 2A

KW Competition 2A stands for racing coilovers with two separate adjustment options for rebound and compression damping. KW Competition suspensions are available with galvanized steel housings or in lightweight aluminum construction for circuit racing, mountain races or rallying. The following damper designs are available to suit the intended use and installation position:

  • Two-pipe technology with a piston rod diameter of 15, 18 or 22 mm
  • djustable in rebound stage 16 clicks
  • adjustable in pressure level of 12 clicks
  • Optimally with a pressure equalization tank for installation independent of the position
  • Optionally with pressure stage valve technology in the expansion tank for additional damper stroke
  • Also as an upside down damper cartridge with 40 mm slide bearing


Competition GPX Porsche mit KW Gewindefahrwerk

KW Competition 3A

KW Competition 3A stands for racing coilovers with three separate adjustment options for the rebound stage as well as low-speed and high-speed compression. The maintenance-friendly KW Competition 3A damper system differs significantly from conventional monotube dampers with shim packages due to its valve technology . It is versatile in its design and is characterized by its reliability even with large temperature fluctuations. The KW Competition 3A systems, which can be adjusted in the rebound stage as well as in the low and high-speed compression stage, are built according to the single-pipe damping principle with an expansion tank. The rebound stage acts on pre-adjustable valves via an adjustable needle. Depending on the version, it has 18 or 22 clicks. The basic pressure level is controlled by a pre-configurable blow-off valve. In addition, the pressure level in the low-speed and high-speed range can be set differently on the expansion tank with 18 clicks. For McPherson axles, suspension struts are available in an upside-down version with 40 mm and for rally use with 45 mm and 50 mm guide tube diameter. In addition to an extensive range , custom-made products are also possible for every type of racing vehicle and application with the high-quality KW Competition racing damping system.


Our experience for your driving pleasure

As a manufacturer of individual suspension solutions for the road and in racing, we have been the market leader and engine of innovation for over 20 years. No matter where in the world, sporty drivers, automobile manufacturers and refiners rely on our KW coilover kits "Made in Germany". Every KW coilover kit is subjected to extensive load tests during production and is developed and manufactured directly at our company headquarters in Fichtenberg in Swabia in order to meet the high standards of our KW quality management.