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KW Purple Weeks

You are looking for more driving pleasure, increased comfort or performance on the road? Our KW coilover kits with individual height adjustment give your car the setup you have ever dreamed of! Thanks to our special deal "KW Purple Weeks" you can now even save a lot of money when buying a KW coilover kit!

It’s time to save money! Save up to 300 euros when buying a KW coilover kit

From November 21 , 2022 to January 6, 2023 you can save up to 300 euros depending on the coilover kit you bought. The campaign applies for every car for which we already developed KW coilovers. All voucher codes are also valid at our KW retail partners.

  • V1_lila.png Save 100€* when buying a KW V1 with the code kwpwv1
  • V2_gelb.png V2_lila.png Save 200€* when buying a KW V2 / KW V2 Comfort with the code kwpwv2
  • V3_gelb.png V3_lila.png V3_schwarz.png Save 300€* when buying a KW V3 / KW V3 Leveling / KW V3 Clubsport with the code kwpwv3

*The Purple Weeks discounts only apply in combination with the recommended retail price (RRP) of the manufacturer, 19 % VAT german prices included