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We refine the Porsche Carrera GT supercar with our KW V5 coilover kit. Moreover, you can order a hydraulic lift system optionally.

From now on we equip the supercar Porsche Carrera GT with our KW V5 coilover kit and optional HLS

From Le Mans into the garage: The Porsche Carrera GT was the result of a discarded racecar project of the notorious Le Mans long-distance series in the northwest of France. The engine, the car body, and the gear of the sportscar are based on the Le Mans prototype (LMP) of 2003. Despite a strong racecar character, the Porsche Carrera GT did not start in any racing series.

The Porsche Carrera GT with V5 inside visited the headquarters of KW in Fichtenberg, Germany

Thrilling performance: Adapted motorsports genes for street use

Back in the day, the Porsche model was already called a supercar. This term mostly describes cars that are particularly powerful regarding their overall performance. Just a few years ago, the vehicle was considered the fastest-ever measured street sportscar.

The Carrera GT shortly before installing the V5 coilover kit. The red and blue wheel nuts are especially striking.

A V10 mid-engine, 5.7 liters displacement, carbon fiber monocoque, and a total of 612 HP come with the Porsche Carrera GT with rear axle drive. Several driving reports from professional test drivers described the driving characteristic of the Carrera as breathtaking, scary, and brilliant. But the model has one catch: Ex-works, the Porsche Carrera GT has a ground clearance of 80 millimeters to dimensionally stable parts and 55 millimeters to dimensionally elastic parts. This is very low and can cause a lot of problems on public roads.

The Porsche supercar speeds along the roads in a sporty and well-balanced manner – bringing true race car flair with it
The KW V5 in the Carrera GT dampens speed bumps and other street irregularities in a reliable way

Small bumps can lead to big challenges

The low ex-works ground clearance requires a lot of sensitivity and planning when driving over speed bumps and other street irregularities in the Porsche Carrera GT. In case of inattention, those street irregularities can easily damage the vehicle. Fortunately, we do have a solution for this problem which is called KW V5 with an optional HLS (hydraulic lifting system). Road bumps and steep gateways no longer cause anxiety thanks to the coilover kit in combination with a hydraulic elevation. For this, we install an HLS button inside the ashtray compartment of the Porsche Carrera GT. The button enables a direct lifting of up to 45 millimeters. Those of you that need their ashtray can insert the button elsewhere as well.

The scope of delivery for the KW V5 with a hydraulic lift kit

Ex-works suspension technology from twenty years ago

No worries – the KW V5 is also available without the additional HLS button. With our KW V5 coilovers the ground clearance of the Porsche Carrera GT is maintained and the vehicle has more harmonic feedback as the coilovers ex-works. Back in the day, the Porsche coilovers were state-of-the-art. However, they are now considered obsolete due to numerous developments in suspension technology.

The scope of delivery for the KW V5 without a hydraulic lift kit

The coilover technology development also causes that those modern wheel-tire combinations and the series coilover kit no longer fit together ideally. When retrofitting your car with the V5, the Solid Piston technology damps the vehicle neatly and causes more stability – even with low spring travel. Those that like to know more about our Solid Piston technology can visit our blog.

Even professionals appreciate KW products

Formula 1 legend Nick Heidfeld trusts in our technology. His Porsche Carrera GT has a KW V5 with HLS inside. There are several aspects he values in the coilover kit with HLS but he particularly likes the newfound freedom and flexibility during his trips thanks to the immediate lifting option with the HLS. “ It is a major benefit that I no longer need to worry when I see a construction site sign or 30-speed zone and worry whether I get through or not.” he explains. Moreover, he likes the different pre-settings the V5 comes with. It offers a standard setting and a comfort and sport mode.

More safety in the Porsche Carrera GT thanks to the V5 coilover kit

For Nick “Quick Nick” Heidfeld our product has been the right decision for his Carrera GT. Especially for him, we customized the coilover springs to the wheel nuts. Now, a blue and a red spring refine the Porsche sportscar of the ex-race driver. In the conventional scope of delivery, we powder-coat the springs in the classic “KW yellow”.