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The winner among racing suspensions
The winner among racing suspensions
The KW V6 racing damper is five-way adjustable. It provides 18 clicks in compression and rebound (lowspeed and highspeed) and a total of 12 clicks in the Blow-Off settings. The operating principle of our Solid Piston technology (displacement piston) enables direct feedback even at slight damper stimulations. The KW valve technology enables an individual characteristic curve design and covers a force range of 1000 to 12000 N. This versatility makes it suitable for various wheel-guiding axle designs, such as pushrod suspensions or double wishbones. Due to regulations, the number of adjusters is reduced to two.
The V6 Racing by KW features an advanced adjustable Blow-Off valve that ensures precise damper control, even when encountering curbs, transversal joints, or other street irregularities at high speeds. By flattening of the characteristic curve, the wheel has more connection to the ground resulting in more grip during critical situations. With this performance, the suspension is the perfect choice for professional motorsports.
Valve technology
With 18 adjustable clicks, the highspeed and lowspeed rebound directly influence the speed at which the piston rod deflects. Additionally, rebound has an impact on the operating speed of the piston rod to go back to normal again. It determines how long the suspension spring takes to slide back to initial position. Highspeed and lowspeed compression are also adjustable within 18 clicks. It regulates the plunging speed of the piston rod. This has an impact on the rolling motion of the car body and the steering behavior of the vehicle. These characteristics make the KW suspension an ideal choice for OE activities, homologized race cars, and other high-performance vehicles.
Product KW V6 Racing
Setting options Lowspeed and highspeed compression and rebound within 18 clicks - Lowspeed and highspeed compression within 18 clicks - adjustable Blow-Off with 12 precise clicks
  • Twin tube damper
  • 5-way adjustable

  • Damper or height-adjustable racing suspension spring struts
  • Valve disposal for a cavitation-free function
  • Solid Piston displacement piston rod 35 mm
  • Piston rod 15 mm
  • Lowspeed and highspeed compression and rebound separately adjustable
  • Individual damper characteristics design, forces between 1000N and 12000 N at 0.5 m/s
  • Inner gas reservoir
  • Rotatable piggyback pressure compensation container (45 degree positions), optional with tubing connection Low gas pressure, adapted gas volume
Material High-tenacity aluminum housing
Vehicle category DTM race cars / GT3 race cars
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