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The perfect setup for every race
The perfect setup for every race
The KW V5 racing damper with its Solid Piston technology enables a direct feedback of the vehicle. The innovative KW valve technology in combination with Belleville springs results in an individual and precise damper characteristic design between 1000N and 8000N. If required the modular dampers can be extended with an adjustable Blow-off characteristic. The external reservoir is available in a piggyback option or with a tubing connection.
Rebound has a direct influence on the speed the piston rod takes to get back into its initial position. Moreover, it has an impact on the decompression speed of the spring. Within 18 clicks, the lowspeed and highspeed rebound is adjustable in the KW V5 Racing suspension.
The KW V5 Racing offers the individual adjustment of the compression valve setup. Compression regulates the deflection speed of the piston rod. Compression adjustments influence the rolling motions of the car body and the behavior of the car when steering.
Product KW V5 Racing
Setting options Highspeed and lowspeed compression and rebound within 18 clicks
  • Twin tube damper
  • 4-way adjustable
  • Damper or height-adjustable racing spring struts
  • Valve disposal for a cavitation-free function
  • Solid Piston displacement piston rod 35 mm
  • Piston rod 15 mm
  • Lowspeed and highspeed compression and rebound are separately adjustable
  • Individual damper characteristics design, forces between 1000N and 8000 N
  • Rotatable piggyback pressure compensation container (45 degree positions), optional with tubing connection
  • Low gas pressure, adapted gas volume
  • Optional adjustable Blow-off
Material High-tenacity aluminum housing
Vehicle category Formel, LMP, Prototypen, GT3
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