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The KW V4 Racing is a Mono Tube damper with external reservoir. It's the perfect choice for frequent race track visits and those that are looking for the perfect damping at high loads. The V4 Racing has a coil spring valve technology and 3-way damper adjustment (2-way variant optional). The V4 Racing technology convinces with highest reliability and low maintenance effort.
With help of needle valves and coil springs, the rebound is configurable for almost every purpose. The V4 Racing offers a lowspeed rebound adjustment within 18 or 22 clicks.
The mid-speed compression valve is delivered already pre-configured. It enables a variable damper characteristic from progressive to degressive. Moreover, further fine-tuning of highspeed and lowspeed compression is possible within 18 clicks.
Product KW V4 Racing
Setting options Lowspeed rebound 18 / 22 clicks each - Highspeed and Lowspeed compression 18 clicks each
  • Mono tube damper
  • Compression valve and rebound valve are separate
  • 2/3 - way adjustable
  • Damper or height-adjustable racing spring struts
  • Pre-configured compression mid-speed valve
  • Individual damper characteristics for a linear, progressive, or degressive characteristic
  • Piston rod diameter at 18 mm or 22 mm
  • Piston diameter at 35 mm, 36mm, 40 mm, and 43 mm
  • McPherson spring struts with inverted monotube design
  • Plain bearing design with 40 mm inverted monotube cartridge (optionally available with a linear bearing)
Material Steel or high-tenacity aluminum housing
Vehicle Category GT4 race cars, self-built race cars for circuit, mountain, slalom and rally
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