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KW Variant 3 Gewindefahrwerk

KW Classic coilovers: Modern coilover technology for Oldtimers and Youngtimers

We offer the right suspension for every demand for a variety of Oldtimers and Youngtimers and always develop our delivery program further for classic automobiles. This way, no vintage car enthusiast needs to settle for the state of the art of the 80s, 70s, 60s, or even 50s. Our KW Classic coilovers come with a parts certificate and offer a continuous lowering in a certified range. Our Classic coilovers are available in different damper designs. Depending on the vehicle, we also use spring struts with forged steering knuckles. This eliminates the need to revise or use the replacement struts.

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The damper setup – more driving safety and performance

With help of modern reconciliation methodology on our 7-post-rig and test drives, we developed a modern damper setup specialized in Classic coilovers. All our coilover kits enable more driving safety and performance without neglecting driving comfort. Depending on the vehicle-specific application, we combine height-adjustable spring struts (or damper housing) made of aluminum, steel or quenched and tempered stainless steel with the optimum KW damper technology.

KW V1 coilovers



The V1 coilover kit comes with a pre-adjusted damper set up which fits your vintage car perfectly. Thus, we chose a more comfortable setup for the VW Golf I Cabrio than for the normal VW Golf I. The damping enables a sporty driving behavior with modern driving comfort.

The V1 is available for the Audi V8, Audi 80, BMW E30*, Ford Mustang (Built from 1979 – 1993), Golf I, Golf I Cabrio, and Polo 86C.

*also available in a design with forged steering knuckles

KW V2 coilovers

VW Golf I Cabrio

Our V2 coilover kits offer additional rebound damping with “TVR-A” technology. The damper adjustment enables sportier driving and more chassis control while enjoying a plus in driving comfort. We adjusted the ex-works basic setting in our typical Classic applications for daily street use. For example, we developed special dampers for the VW beetle with torsion bar suspension and height-adjustable spring struts with two-point and three-point linkage. The suspension strut housing has enough spring travel to enable a sporty and comfortable setup with classic wheel-tire combinations.

Besides the VW beetle designs, we also developed a coilover kit for the DeLorean DMC-12

KW V3 coilovers

VW Golf I Cabrio

The V3 coilovers come with “TVR-A” and “TVC-A” technology and are separately adjustable in compression and rebound. The adjustable spring-loaded lowspeed valve enables additional roll support. Due to the Blow-Off characteristic of the main valve, abrupt stimuli open the maximum cross-section of the lowspeed and highspeed valves. This leads to more comfort than conventional damping technology offers. We applied our modern damper technology for example in the water-cooled Porsche models to prevent the typical one-sided buckling when accelerating in curves without losing driving comfort. We deliver the V3 for the Porsche (G-model, 964, 993, 944, 968), the BMW E9, the E30, the Ford Mustang (built from 1979 to 1993), and the Lancia Delta Integrale (EVO). For the Porsche G-model and the BMW E30, we offer the KW V3 with forged steering knuckles. This eliminates the need for major conversions.

KW Classic coilovers for Porsche G-models

For years, the Porsche G-models have been the most popular classic cars. Especially for those cars, we developed coilover kits that offer a modern damping technology tuned with the latest findings in coilover technology. Therefore, no Porsche enthusiast needs to settle for the suspension technology of 1973. Moreover, our G-model coilovers contain forged wheel adapters at the front axle damper housings. Thus, the costly procurement of parts that are often out of stock slips.

KW V3 dampers

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Our KW V3 shock absorbers are suitable for restaurations. The KW kit enables the further use of serial torsion bar springs. We deliver compression and rebound adjustable dampers (TVC-A & TVR-A technology) with newly forged wheel hubs. There is no need for time-consuming conversion or the use of replacement cartridges. With our registration-free V3 shock absorbers, the G-model gains rolling support and more comfort.

KW V3 Clubsport coilover kit

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The KW V3 Clubsport coilover kit has racing springs and adjustable aluminum Unibal top mounts on the 2-way high-performance damper with separate compression and rebound adjustment (TVC-A and TVR-A technology). We deliver the front axle dampers in an inverted monotube design. At the rear axle, we deliver a height-adjustable aluminum spring strut. Because of the parts certificate, the Clubsport coilovers are made for use on the street and at trackday events.

KW Competition coilovers

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Whether on circuits, road trips, or rallye events – we offer the perfect racing coilovers for every purpose. Depending on the regulations and intended use, we offer the V3 Racing or V4 Racing coilover solutions for the G-model. The V3 Racing coilovers have TVC-A & TCR-A technology with separately adjustable damper adjustment of the compression and rebound. The V4 Racing coilovers come with an equalizing tank with lowspeed and highspeed compression (TVCLH-A technology) and gain the V4 damper technology of the current Porsche 911 GT3 R (991).

Custom made productions for the highest demand

KW Produktion

Besides serial developments, we offer Oldtimer and Youngtimer drivers the manufacturing of an individual coilover kit in our KW special construction manufactory. There, we take all requirements depending on the planned use on the street, rallies, or races into account.

KW 7post-rig S1

When deciding on KW, no Oldtimer driver needs to settle for the state of the art several decades ago. Depending on the vehicle-specific application, height-adjustable spring struts and damper housings made of aluminum, steel, or quenched and tempered stainless steel are combined with the optimal KW damper-valve technology (TVR-A, TVC-A, and TVCLH-A). We adjust the setup on our KW 7-post-rig and always keep objective criteria for different driving purposes in mind. In a complex reconciliation and adjustment process, we reach the respective target values without needing to drive with the sumptuous vehicle. We are therefore able to keep the final test drive to a minimum. If desired or demanded by the regulations, the coilover kit can be retrofitted to a non-adjustable damper variant after evaluation and approval of the customer. Our extensive documentation according to our QA processes and the specifications of the VdTÜV data sheet enable an individual acceptance and an entry in the vehicle documents.

Continuous lowering

Depending on the design, our KW Classic coilovers enable a maximum and individual lowering in the examined adjustment range. Even after several years, the customer can vary the continuous lowering easily thanks to the dirt-resistant trapezoidal threads and the polyamide threaded ring. Coilovers with torsion bar springs (V3 damper for the Porsche G-model) are lowered via the adjustment of the torsion bar.

Mercedes Benz SEL Typ 300/306

The scale for a continuous lowering

Our KW engineers develop and test our KW coilover solutions on the Nurburgring Nordschleife and in our test center on the 7-post rig which is used by automotive enthusiasts all over the world. In the development of the respective spring kits, we take into consideration that the spring rates harmonize with the different damper characteristics of the adaptive serial coilover kit. With our height-adjustable KW spring kit, the customer experiences more direct and dynamic driving.

When buying a KW coilover kit, you also buy a coilover solution that is specialized for your vehicle type. The manufacturer KW uses exclusively its resources, high-quality components, and the same damper technology as high-volume producers.

Our experience for your driving fun

For over 20 years, we are one of the leading manufacturers of individual coilover solutions for street and motorsport usage. No matter where: Sporty drivers, automotive manufacturers, and finishers trust in our KW coilover kits “Made in Germany”.

After developing and manufacturing our KW coilover kits at our headquarters in the Swabian Fichtenberg, we test every one of them thoroughly to fulfill our KW quality management standards. To us it’s a matter of course to ensure a guarantee of several years on our 4.600 applications. After installation, the guarantee lasts up to five years.